Our organization has two overarching goals that inform our project and campaign work: a) to decrease the number of families wait listed for child care ; b) to interrupt the cradle-to-prison pipeline and ensure that our local government invests in education and not incarceration. With every child care slot we organize  to win, we eliminate a prison bed for future generations. We work to fight the systemic and institutional racism that damages our communities and locks families out of economic opportunities. We are working to increase access to safety net services for undocumented families, unhoused/street-based families, young parents, formerly incarcerated parents, and all those impacted by systemic inequity. 

Access to quality child care is one of many predictors for a healthy, thriving family and community. Child care sits at the cross-section of economic justice, reproductive justice, and educational justice. We promote the rights of parents to be supported in their choices. Our multi-generational approach to organizing, builds on existing strengths within our community and leverages informal resources developed in response to systematic inequity and injustice. Our work is to elevate the voices of the most marginalized families, to develop their leadership, and center their experiences so that all families have access to social safety net services. By expanding access to child care we are working to strengthen our communities and erase generational poverty and economic injustice so that all children have the same educational opportunities.